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When starting a new tent setup an important thing to remember is to invest in a good airflow system. Grow tents need air circulation because the heat produced by the lighting will heat up the tent really fast. This can cause a range of problems the main one being over saturation of the air with water. As the water evaporates it can cause leaves and flowers to deteriorate and encourages the growth of fungi.
For most tent setups, the grower wants to circulate the air at least 20 times an hour to keep the growing environment ideal. A simple way to determine what type of fan and filter needed is by following this formula:
Length(m) x Width(m) x Height(m) x 20 will give a number of cubic meters of air you want to move per hour. This number will allow the grower to select a proper sized fan. The next step to match a filter up with the rating of the fan that has been chosen. Remember that picking a filter that is rated too low will lower the life expectancy of the filter, and ultimately cause the active carbon to fail.
Having a good filter hooked up to the ventilation is very important also. The whole point of using a grow tent is to keep the environment inside the grow tent, inside. No smells, or oder should escape the grow tent. It is absolutely vital to have a filter like the ones available on www.growtents.com otherwise just grow in the basement.